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February 2011

Airline Drink Menus Updated

I added the US Air menu to the Airline Drink Menus page. Drink menus on planes seem unbalanced so much of the time. In this case, they have a selection of four wines- two chardonnays, a merlot, and a cab sauvignon (all from Chile)- and three beers, all wussy. They... Read more →

Cocktail Snobs

In the March issue of 7x7 Magazine, I have a story about Cocktail Snobs. Now that customers know so much more about cocktails some us are becoming fussy about them, never ordering from the menu but insisting on on-the-spot creations, trying to stump or school the bartender with obscure drink... Read more →

Dublin Cocktail Menus

Below are cocktail menus from some of the bars I visited in Dublin, Ireland. The Inn on the Green at the Fitzwilliam Hotel Harry's on the Green Saba (follow this link as I couldn't paste the drinks here.) Cafe En Seine The Exchequer Click below for the full menus. Fitzwilliam... Read more →