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According to a recent study by eCairn, is the most influential English-language spirits blog and the third most influential alcohol blog entirely. Cool!

eCairn Conversation is a software tool for measuring influencers and conversations in social media. This allows brands to identify the separate online communities, look at what they're talking about, and see where they're located. This information/software can be purchased by marketing companies looking to reach bloggers and other blatherers on the web.

I don't know what set of metrics they use to measure influence. It's certainly not pageviews alone as I don't win in that race, and I'm sure other companies use different formulas to measure the same thing with different results. We can't say that this is the end-all-be-all of influence measurement, but an additional one. 

And like like Oscars or the Tales of the Cocktail Spirits Awards, winning doesn't necessarily mean you're actually the best, but it sure feels nice.

Here's how they described their study:

Tagging along with previous analysis of social media Tribes and Influencers (here, here and there), we looked this time at the socialcohol ecosystem ;-) .

Even if the wine & alcohol industry is highly restricted and social media has its set of challenges, matters like beer, wine and liquor generate quite a bit of conversations from the virtual streets.

Here, we pulled 200 influencers from our existing communities of English speaking influencers (~1500 for wine, ~1000 for beers and ~500 for liquor) to create our own cocktail of the tops.

And here are their results. (Formatting pasted from Brookston Beer Bulletin's website. Thanks to Steve Raye of Brand Action Team for pointing me to the posting.)

Top 20 Alcohol Blogs

  1. Brookston Beer Bulletin (Beer)
  2. Good Grape: A Wine Blog Manifesto (Wine)
  3. (Liquor)
  4. Eric Asimov’s The Pour: NY Times (Wine)
  5. Seen Through a Glass (Beer)
  6. Pencil and Spoon (Beer)
  7. The Beer Nut (Beer)
  8. Catavino (Wine)
  9. Art of Drink (Liquor)
  10. Drink With The Wench (Beer)
  11. Wine Spectator (Wine)
  12. Mutineer Magazine (Wine*) [Listed as a wine blog, but Mutineer also covers beer and spirits.]
  13. Trader Tiki’s Exotic Syrups, Bitters and Spirits (Liquor)
  14. RumDood (Liquor)
  15. AlaWine (Wine)
  16. Good Wine Under $20 (Wine)
  17. Wannabe Wino Wine Blog (Wine)
  18. The Pegu Blog (Liquor)
  19. Through The Walla Walla Grape Vine™ (Wine)
  20. Palate Press (Wine)

Jay Brooks has some additional analysis on his site and I think shares the same sentiments.


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Joe Kowalke

Nice work, Camper.

Blair Reynolds

HAHA, Matt can eat it.

Matt Robold

How the hell am I behind Blair? Obviously this study is flawed...or people are going to Blair's site to buy syrups. Either way, I don't like it.


I agree, study is flawed... TikiGeeki's blog isn't even on there and he is an award winning mixologist!

Darcy O'Neil

Now if I didn't have two kids, a lab job and that silly soda fountain stuff going on, I'm sure I could take down Camper! Actually Camper, I'm lending you my two kids, let's see how long you stay on top!

Camper English

My original closing sentence was "Of course by the time you read this, Darcy will have figured out how to game the system and put himself at #1."

I think your kids are probably still too young to use as a content mill, spewing out keyword-rich search engine bait. Hurry up and train them, then I'll babysit.

Darcy O'Neil

If I could train them I'd be #1! Now back to my "how to dethrone Camper" planning.

Greg Lindgren

From Alexa:

Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 25-34, have no children, are college educated and browse this site from work.

Hi Ladies! Get back to work!

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