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Contest: Blog About Cognac to Win a Trip to Cognac (Sponsored)

Over at the Palate Press Ad Network they're hosting a contest in conjunction with the BNIC (Cognac Bureau), called the 2011 Cognac Writing Contest.

The winner gets a trip to the Cognac Blues Passions Festival, which this year is hosting acts including ZZ Top, Moby, and Aloe Blacc. Second prize is five hundred bucks, which isn't too bad either.


So: you write a post about cognac, submit it for approval, and they give you a stat counter on your post. The first round of the contest is based on number of hits for your post (so the sooner you get started the better), and then a panel of judges chooses the winners in the second round (so don't just make it a bunch of search engine keywords).

I've been to the Cognac region with the BNIC and they do a lovely job as hosts. So if you were thinking about blogging about cognac, now might be a good time to do so.

And should you need inspiration or information, the cognac posts on Alcademics are here.

Read the rules before you get started, and good luck!


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Way to get past the first round: porn site-drink blog hybrid.


stop it, you're killing me.


Okay, I'll get right on it.

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