Irish Coffee: It's All in the Cream
Report from the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge


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Drinking in America

It's quite the shot. Glad it's being adopted nationwide. We're fans of the tequila pickle back, too.


Camper English

I think it would be a great taste test. So much Highland tequila has those briney notes I could see it pairing, perhaps better than with whiskey.

Mark Fleser

What is your brand of pickle juice? I tried Claussen last year and it was pretty good, gave me one hell of a hangover though.... could have been the pickle back, but it also could have been all the beer and liquor I drank afterward.


Camper, any specific Rum's that you might think will work with a pickle juice back?


...or maybe Cachaca

Camper English

I love the pickle back for its ridiculousness but I can't say I've had too many of them so I haven't shopped around for the best pickle juice. (That would be a fun research project though.)

Camper English

Hmm yeah a lot of cachaca is so savory that either pickle brine will pair great with it or it will be overwhelming. If we wanted a rum to mock Jameson's flavor then we'd want something dark and scratchy rather than sweet I guess.


So now I know that, yes, it is possible to be terrified and intrigued. Thanks for sharing. I put it on my cocktail recipe wall to share.

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