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Win Tickets to Whiskies of the World in San Francisco by Commenting on This Post

LogoBarPic150x150 Whiskies of the World is coming up again Saturday, March 26th in San Francisco. Keep reading for a discount code to get cheaper tickets, and a chance to win a pair of free ones.

I go to this event every year and it's a great chance to try-before-you-buy some of the rarer and more expensive bottlings. Plus it's on a boat so swaying back and forth is considered perfectly normal.

12th Annual Whiskies of the World Expo & Artisanal Spirits Fest

The Whiskies of the World Expo gathers the world’s most fascinating distilled spirits along with their makers and ambassadors to give its guests an opportunity to sample, learn and experience a night of delicious spirited fun. By popular demand, the 12th Expo will be back to San Francisco Belle Yacht (docked) with its three ballroom-size tasting decks, and an open roof Whisky & Cigar Pairing deck.

Come on March, 26th to enjoy a full buffet dinner; meeting and learning from the world's spirits producers; creators and experts; a live Pipe and Drum Concert; mixology demonstrations, Celtic craft  and whisky gear booths, artisanal food pairings with exclusive whiskies;  live music and more. Learn, celebrate, experience!

Discount on Tickets to Whiskies of the World

Get WoW tickets using an exclusive discount code for Alcademics fans. Enter discount code: ALCADEMICS8P on the checkout page for an 8% discount on tickets and Dram Club membership. Buy tickets here.

A Chance to Win a Pair of Tickets to Whiskies of the World

Want to try your luck at winning a pair of tickets? All you need to do is leave a comment below, telling me what's a whisky/whiskey you've loved lately. You won't be judged on your choice- I just want to hear what people have been trying and loving lately- then maybe I can find it at WoW. 

Fine print: The tickets are for admission only, and obviously you need to be of legal drinking age to get in. Contest ends midnight March 7th. One (1) entry/comment per person. (However if you want to reply to someone else's comment please feel free- just make sure you hit the "reply" button after their comment. Those responses won't count toward the contest but won't disqualify you.) Use a real email address (it's not visible to the public) or I won't be able to tell you that you won. I'll pick the winner using a random number generator. 


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Camper English

I'll start: I had the Redbreast 15 in Ireland. The cooper we visited said the smell reminded him of visiting his father in the distillery.


Id be an excellent candidate for some free tickets!


My favorite whiskey, fairly consistently, is Old Rip Van Winkle 20 year. I've had the opportunity of tasting a flight of the 10-year Special Reserve and the three (15-, 20- and 23-year) Family Reserves, which really demonstrates how the lighter vanilla, toasty notes of the younger aging give way to more of an intense dried fruit. And, while they're all extraordinary, the 20-year to my mind is at the perfect point in this progression. Plus the bottle shows "Pappy" van Winkle employing his dog as a golf caddie, which seems eminently sensible to me.

mark stoddard

Just finished the last bottle of Talisker 20yr in my bar's inventory yesterday. A rare and lovely treat it was. I will miss you dearly :( On an upside, receiving delivery of 2 btls of Bowmore 14yr Petrus Casks tomorrow. Sounds delightful.


The last bottle of whisky I finished was a Caol Ila 12. It was a get-together that turned into a single-malt tasting. (My other favorite there was a Yamazaki 18.) I would be thrilled to win tickets to this event!


Lagavulin has been a long time favorite, but recently tried peat monster scotch which was lovely.


Alas I will actually be in Scotland during Whiskies of the World ;)

Camper English

Poor you!

Camper English

Ooh I don't think I've tried that Bowmore yet. Will have to see if I find it.


Compass Box Whisky makes an orange zest infused blend called Orangerie. I've been sharing that with my friends since it's got such an interesting flavor. However, I usually reach for the Old Overholt when I'm making my Vieux Carre.

I'm working on writing Whiskies of the World into my Bachelor's degree. I have a meeting with my Dean next week. Would be great to see you down there!


I just had a wonderful Springbank 15

Jeffrey Jacobs

I've been enjoying the Abraham Bowman rye whiskey from Bowman Distillery in Virginia. It's pretty delicious, nice and peppery. My only complaint is its so smooth that I can't keep it around for long.

Greg Geiger

Macallan 25 year and it was absolutely delish!


For Christmas, I was given a bottle of Isle of Jura Prophecy, which I've been enjoying very much indeed. Also, I recently picked up a bottle of Ransom's WhipperSnapper; it won't make my Top 10 list, but it's an enjoyable nightcap.


I feel like I just started getting interested in whiskey over the past year or two. It's a whole now world and I'm Aladdin. ;)


Three way tie:

1) Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey
2) George T. Stagg from Buffalo Trace
3) The special bottling that St. George Spirits' did for K&L this past fall (a little extra time in apple brandy barrels really made this one for me!)

Huzzah, whiskey! :D


On the more regular side I'm loving the Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, but on occasion I've been working on a bottle of Highland Park 25yr, the old label, when it was still 51.5% abv.


I'm currently thoroughly enjoying some George T Stagg (last year's bottling), though a couple weeks ago I had some Connemara (the peated Irish) and was really impressed by it as well. In Scotch, I tend to favor Highland Park and Cragganmore. :)


daily, Bulleit. occasional treat, American Spirit by Wild Turkey. super special, George T. Stagg.

jessica arent

Whiskey is really good, but no place better in the world is there to taste it and enjoy it than in San Francisco California!!! This is where culture meets taste and its waaaay avante garde!


As die hard lovers of all things California - we love Old Potrero (made by Anchor in San Francisco).


Booker's Noe 124


I really like the Japanese whiskeys - I recently enjoyed Hakushu 12.


I recently tired some Black Maple Hill Small Batch Bourbon which was excellent.


I had a chance to try the Winter 2010 Release from Islay's newest distillery, Kilchoman. It was just as impressive as their previous releases have been.


Can't get enough of the Rittenhouse 100 lately. Would love to try the Rittenhouse 23 soon!


Thomas Handy Rye. mmmm mmmmmm good.



My wife and I have been enjoying a bottle of Scott's Selection, North of Scotland 1964 Single Grain. That's one incredible bottle of Scotch!


High West Double Rye

adam schmidt

So many great whiskies, but lately the one that has been exciting me is Buffalo Trace. While its wonderful for the price neat or on the rocks, for me it really shines in a cocktail. Whether its in a classic like the boulevardier or something a little more modern, it really seems to have rare ability to play well with others without getting lost. Indispensable.

Theodore Blackshear Bowen

I am somehow continually surprised every time I find a glass of Lagavulin in front of me! I'm particularly fond of tasting it next to rougher peaties like the Ardbeg Uigeadail...


St. George Single Barrel from K&L... fantastic.


I heart the new Bulleit Rye! :-)

Brandon A

Redemption high rye bourbon

Chris Huning

I had the chance when I was in Denver a little while back to try a bottle of Stranahan's at barrel strength that was very nice.


I've been working long hours and when the new Bulleit Rye came in my local liquor store my schedule prevented me from picking up a bottle. I sent my girlfriend in my stead. When she went in and asked for it the owner asked her "How do you know about this?" She said "The Internet." He replies with, "Well, news travels fast. It is a good sipping whiskey."

When I got home home that night she related the story to me and pointed at the bottle. I tried some. And then I tried some in a filibuster. And then I tried some more on the rocks.

It sure is a good sipping whiskey.


I was impressed by the High West Double Rye, nice balance of a fiery young rye and a more mature one.

Sam Blankenship

Since it's been so cold at night down here in So. Cal we've been using a lot of Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey for our Irish coffee's each night. That whiskey has worked real well for them.


I'm a big fan of Japanese whiskys; I always keep a bottle of Yamazaki 18 at home. However, I had been holding onto a bottle of Nikka Whisky Gold & Gold (the one with the samurai armor bottle) for years now since my time in Japan. Recent events made me pop it open finally in celebration, and I must say I was not disappointed. Very mild, hardly any burn/bite, very dry finish. Just a solid blend. Probably didn't win any awards, but it was fun to enjoy it, nonetheless.


Just had the Bulleitt Rye for the first time @comstocksaloon. Thought it was very nice for a fairly priced rye.

Oh and a bottle of Schenley American blended from 1972! Lost to time in someone's liquor cabinet and then rediscovered by me at an estate sale.

Samantha Lipsie

We've been all over the map! I'm from Scotland (born in Kilmarnock - home of Johnnie Walker), so I'm a bit biased, but we've been enjoying: Ardbeg 10 year, Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare bourbons, Amrit Fusion from India, and we managed to procure a bottle of Anchor Old Potrero Hotalings which we haven't opened yet. Would love to check out Whiskies of the World!


Look forward to trying Bulleit's new rye bourbon . . .


At work, some colleagues from the UK have been bringing new bottles of Scotch in every week or so for us to try. Jura, Glengoyne and Balvenie are some of the recent ones. It's been a treat, getting try so much variety. I shared some of my Ron Zacapa with them, in the spirit of friendly international relations.


Wild Turkey Straight Rye has been doing the trick for me lately, but I usually drink Bulleit in my Old Fashioneds. Otherwise, I'm usually drinking rum.


I will honor my winning of these tickets with a review of said event and I will put you up for beatification. Just saying.

Ken W

I've been enjoying the Bulleit 95 Rye, and my favorite Scotch, the Springbank 10 100 Proof (tan label).

Camper English

Congratulations to Michael F. and Brandon A. whom each won a pair of tickets to the show!

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