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A Dry Martini at the Dry Martini Bar in Barcelona

Dry martini bar barcelona drinks
(A tequila shot and a Dry Martini at the Dry Martini Bar in Barcelona.)

The Dry Martini Bar is one of those places on the international cocktail scene in which you must come to worship when in town. This was my first time here. 

I loved the look of the place and all the rules of the staff: Only the most senior bartender (not necessarily the oldest) can make martinis at the bar, and only if he is not present can the next most senior person be allowed to do so. Some of the young guys working here may never get a chance. 

No time to write much now- off for a day in Sitges and Barcelona. Cheers.

Dry martini bar barcelona bartenders
(Bartenders at the Dry Martini Bar in Barcelona.)