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Take Me to Saratoga

In my latest post for, I discuss the Saratoga; a cocktail with two base liquors and one of my all-time favorites. I'm trying to warm up the Fine Cooking audience to understanding cocktail classification. Cocktails fall into many families and formats: sours, fizzes, flips, rickeys, and so on. With... Read more →

Barhopping in Barcelona

I'm in Barcelona for the first Bacardi Legacy global cocktail competition taking place tonight. If there is wireless I'll be live-tweeting the event @alcademics. Last night I again took the opportunity to see some bars in Barcelona. We started at the Dry Martini Bar for the second night in a... Read more →

More London Barhopping

Another two days in London meant another bunch of bars visited. Here's a brief summary. We stopped into the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel for a sampling of many of their classics. The drinks we tried were simple, elegant, and of course expertly crafted by Erik Lorincz and his... Read more →