London: Paramount Club, Cottons, and Callooh Callay
A Dry Martini at the Dry Martini Bar in Barcelona

More London Barhopping

Another two days in London meant another bunch of bars visited. Here's a brief summary. 

We stopped into the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel for a sampling of many of their classics. The drinks we tried were simple, elegant, and of course expertly crafted by Erik Lorincz and his team. 

The American Bar has an odd L shape, with the bar the small part of the L so only part of it is visible from the main seating area. From a bar as famous as this one, you'd think it would be all TA-DA front and center but I guess they didn't need to. 

Savoy american bar
(American Bar bartenders at the Savoy Hotel)

Later that day (or maybe another day, who can remember?) we hit up Hawksmoor Seven Dials for dinner and drinks.

I've been to London three times and each time to Hawksmoor; a chic steakhouse. Pretty weird as I'm a vegetarian and all.  The place has a steakhouse-meets-gentleman's club feel to it and is located a level down from the street. 

Hawksmoor seven deals
(Hawksmoor Seven Dials)

I don't have pictures of it, but we also had a dinner at Cotton's Rhum Shack, Ian Burrell's restaurant and rum bar. Great food and a great vibe with a live singer in the front, 200 or so rums available, and Caribbean food. 

We also briefly stopped into Danger of Death bar, a members club located on Brick Lane that is owned by the folks from Milk & Honey. Some pictures are here, and as you can see it has the pressed tin walls, lots of booths, and that international speakeasy look. 

The final night in London was capped off by a visit to Mahiki, where I've also been before. Mahiki is a tiki nightclub with lots of booths for private groups. They serve tropical drinks in pineapples and a giant treasure chest. For a nightclub, the drinks are excellent. It's cheesy good fun and we stayed for hours.

Mahiki treasure chest
 (Treasure chest drink at Mahiki.)

Joe mahiki
(Pineapple drinks at Mahiki.)

I'll post better pictures later (these are all cell phone snaps) but for now it's off to Barcelona!


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