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The Honey Badger Shot

Honey badger shot1_tn

I've been thinking for a while now that the hilarious Honey Badger video, and the honey badger itself, should be honored with a cocktail or a shot.

So I created one.

The Honey Badger
by Camper English 

1 part Laphraoig single-malt scotch whisky
1 part Honey Flavored Whiskey, such as Wild Turkey American Honey or Jim Beam Honey

Add scotch then honey liqueur to a shot glass. Say "Honey badger don't care," then down the shot.

The drink is sweet coming in, but nice and smoky on the finish. It's kind of delicious.

If you haven't had the pleasure of viewing "The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger" video, then by all means do. You'll understand why the honey badger deserves a toast. The audio is NSFW, not safe for work.


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Camper, thank you for that!
The shot is delicious i've been making variations of it for years but i never settled on one combo and named it.
It is now set, and i will proudly call out to the honey badger from now on!
"Honey Badger don't care!" brilliant.

Camper English

I was originally going to try it with mezcal vs. Islay whisky and Wild Turkey American Honey vs. Barenjager vs. the new Jack honey stuff. But then I tried this first combo and thought it was great so I didn't bother with the rest :)


you could chase it with King Cobra.


Thanks for the treats, stupid! :)

Matična mliječ

So you actually use honey?

Camper English

There is honey in Wild Turkey American Honey.

The honey badger doesn't give a shit if you like the shot or not...

Ben Bland

Genius. All hail the fearless Honey Badger.

I might try a variant of this shot, partly because Wild Turkey American Honey isn't widely available here, and partly because it doesn't sound dangerous enough to do justice to the indomitable Ratel, aka Honey Badger.


In Louisisna we do it with Seagram's 7 Honey and Grand Marnier. Since 7 is Ty's number....


That is amazing. We had tried to make one with Jim Beam Rye and a drop of actual honey. I think this shot would taste much better.

Rick Castello

Barenjager is a better source of honey-flavored alcohol, in my opinion. :)

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