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A Whipped Cream Frenzy

Though dessert and pastry-flavored liqueurs are all the rage these days, I am amazed at the amount of alcoholic whipped cream products coming out.

There are now at least two brands of whipped cream flavored vodka (Burnett's Whipped Cream flavored vodka and Pinnacle Whipped Vodka) and two brands of alcoholic whipped cream (Whipped Lightning and Cream Alcoholic Whipped Cream).

I can imagine college bars will soon start serving shots of the whipped cream vodka with alcoholic whipped cream on top. Woooot!


  Four alcoholic whipped creams


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I'm heading to the States for the summer, and as much as it pains me to say it, I think I might have to forgo the Whipped Cream vodka in favour of Rye. Poor me.

Camper English

Well I suppose when you run out of whipped cream flavored vodka, rye is a good substitute.


Stuff goes great with Bakon Vodka.

John Gibbons

That Cream Alcoholic Whipped Cream looks a bit too much like hair product.

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