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Cocktail Menu: Clock Bar's Summer Drinks in San Francisco


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Have had two interesting variations - one called Phil's Word, created by Phil Ward previously of Death & Co. that used Islay (in place of gin) and lemon juice (in place of lime) and one using corn whiskey/yellow Chartreuse. The Islay version is fantastic.

Camper English

I've seen The Final Word written as The Final Ward (from Phil) and I think they're probably the same drink but not entirely sure.


I don't suppose you know anything else about its history, aside from the usual "Zig Zag Cafe resurrected it via Saucier's book via Fred Fogarty via DAC", do you? It seems there should be more, since there is a 30 year gap before Saucier writes it down, but I've searched everywhere I can think to and can find nothing.

Camper English

Unfortunately I do not. Have you checked Chanticleer Society? Better information than most places there.

Ciaran Wiese

Hey Camper,
Speaking of hardly the last word, here is yet another riff on the Word that will appear on our summer menu here at Scott & Co.

The Stirred Word
Haymans Old Tom Gin 1 1/2 oz
Grn Chart 3/4 oz
Maraschino 3/4 oz
Dash Citric Acid Tincture
Stir, Strain over rocks, Grapefruit Twist

Citric Acid Tincture= Citric acid crystals bought in any ethnic grocery diluted with water or everclear and dispensed from an eye dropper.

Camper English

Ciaran - what does the citric acid tincture do for the drink? I suppose it makes it more acidic, duh, but can you sense it with just a dash? Howso?

Ciaran Wiese

It replaces the lime in the Last Word, in the same manner as Darcy O'Neil's phosphates. A dash is quite pungent.

Camper English

Oh durr, I forgot about the lime. Thanks.

George Sinclair

I was under the impression that Murray Stenson dug up the Last Word from Saucier's tome directly; so this explains why there is a 30 year gap.

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