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Cocktail Menu: 1886 Bar in Los Angeles Summer Drinks

Camper English Speaking at SF Chefs Food Wine Industry Series

I'm giving a talk geared toward restaurant owners at next week's SF Chefs Food Wine next week, along with H. of Elixir and Duggan of Cantina. 

It's a little bit freaky in this day and age to walk into a notable restaurant only to find they haven't bothered to put out a cocktail menu, or the one they hand you is filled with flavored vodka drinks written by the beverage distributor rather than a bartender. 

We'll be talking about how a few simple changes to a cocktail program can make a big difference for a restaurant in terms of increasing both profit and press. 

Cocktail Clinic: The Bartender is In

Tuesday, August 2nd

3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

The Westin St. Francis

Presented by Ecolab and

Specialty cocktails, fresh ingredients, punches, and creating a cocktail menu can bring your bar media attention and make it more profitable. Find out how a few easy changes can create an exciting cocktail program in any restaurant overnight. This interactive session will be presented by a panel of experts led by H. Joseph Ehrmann (Elixir), Duggan McDonnell (Cantina), and Camper English (spirits journalist, San Francisco Chronicle,

Classes are free to GGRA members and are $25 for the general public.

Ticket Price: $25 
Visa Signature® cardholders receive special perks and ticket savings.



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Im on the other side of the country but love to attend. Any chance of a podcast or a transcript?

Camper English

Alas, I don't think there will be a webcast and it will be very informal in format so there won't be a transcript. The gist of it is: A cocktail program can bring attention and profit to any restaurant. We'll be discussing some particulars of that.


im out of town, but a friend has asked me to punch up the cocktail program at his restaurant. The catch is its a soju, beer and wine only permit. Any advice for beer/wine cocktail programs???

Camper English

I think that's an excellent question that we should address in our talk, so thanks for putting it on our radar.
- There are plenty of beer cocktails to make
- Look into port and sherry drinks and other drinks with aperitif wines like vermouth and Lillet. They add a wide range of flavors. Try a Sherry Cobbler!
- Check out Starbelly's menu - they do good with the same license:
- I don't recommend substituting soju for vodka in drinks. They typically just taste watery and flat.
-Don't forget the champagne drinks! You can make bellinis, champagne mojitos, etc.

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