Alcademics in India
The 32 Bartender Competitors in the Global World Class Finals

Day One in India: Spice Market

I arrived in India early Saturday morning for the Diageo Reserve World Class Global Finals, which kicks off Sunday night.

Along with Simon Difford's team I visited a huge spice market. We took a cab as far as it would go, then jumped into tuk-tuks (one bike carrying two people) to take us as far as it would go into the market, and then walked on foot in the market itself. 

It was everything you imagine India to be - hot as hell, crowded, bustling, horns honking, smelling of spices, superfriendly people, visually assulting, absolutely amazing. 

Some pictures are below as well as on the Alcademics Facebook Page and on my Flickr account.





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Glad your travels ended you up in a place where vegetarian food should not be hard to find! Although Indian cuisine does know how to make a plate of potatoes taste delicious!


Did you bring home a bunch of spices???

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