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What is Fernet?

By far the most famous type of fernet is Fernet-Branca, but there are other fernets on the market. So what is fernet, generally speaking? (Thanks to commenter Scott who wrote in on the "Shhh It's a Secret" seminar at Tales of the Cocktail write-up for asking the question that I... Read more →

Top Cocktail Searches

I thought this was interesting enough to share: According to a press release I got from Yahoo! here are recent top drink searches. According to Yahoo!, Top Searched Summer-Inspired Alcoholic Drinks, past 30 days: Mojitos Margarita Budweiser Sangria Tequila Heineken Blue Moon Miller High Life Corona Pina Colada Mixed Drinks... Read more →

The Wide World of Pisco

For years, the only piscos available were the single-grape quebranta and the blended acholado, often with quebranta at its core. Now we can find all eight approved Peruvian pisco varietals and several different acholado blends. In my latest story for the San Francisco Chronicle I talk about the wide range... Read more →