The 32 Bartender Competitors in the Global World Class Finals
Theatrical Tableside Service at the World Class Competition in India

Running a Massive Cocktail Contest

Here at the Diageo Reserve World Class Global Finals in New Delhi, India there are 32 competing bartenders who must compete in six separate challenges.

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I finally figured out just how they heck they're going to to it:

All of the five challenges happen at the same time in different rooms of the custom-built pavillion at the Imperial Hotel. Then there are several time slots during the week in which bartenders compete in one of the rooms. So basically the room stays the same, the judge of each competition stays the same, and the bartenders rotate through the various rooms at different times of the week.

So that is 6 challenges times 32 bartenders. These will be judged and an individual winner chosen per challenge. Then winners will be chosen for thee regions of the world, and from those three the winner will be crowned in just a few days.

The challenges are:

  • Asian Spice Market Challenge  - farmer's market-style on-the-fly cocktail creation
  • Asian Food Pairing - pair a drink with a meal offered
  • Cocktails against the Clock - a timed drinkmaking competition
  • Classic &Vintage Drinks with a Twist - twist on a classic and a classic
  • Cocktail Theatre & Stars - make a drink inspired by a legendary woman
  • Gentlemen’s Drinks & Fancy - create a new classic-style cocktail 

It's gonna be a heck of a busy week! 


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