Day One in India: Spice Market
Running a Massive Cocktail Contest

The 32 Bartender Competitors in the Global World Class Finals

These are the 32 competing bartenders in the Diageo Global World Class Finals here in New Delhi, India. 

  • Australia Tim Philips The Ivy's Level 6, Sydney 
  • Austria   Heinz Kaiser Dino’s American Bar, Vienna
  • Belgium   Oliver Jacobs Cafe Theatre 
  • Brazil Talita Simões At Nine Cocktail Bar
  • China Ryan Noreiks Alchemist Cocktail Kitchen
  • Colombia   Jorge Andres Garzon Paez Bardot Bar (Bogota Colombia)
  • Costa Rica Adrián GerardoCamacho Ruiz Costa Rica Marriot Hotel 
  • Dominican Republic Patricia Toribio Agave Restaurant
  • Dubai Jimmy Barrat De Cecco Zuma Dubai
  • France Aymeric Tortereau Soda Bar
  • Germany Torsten Spuhn Modern Masters in Erfurt
  • Greece Nikos Bakoulis Picadilly bar, in Salonica
  • India Hemant Kumar Pathak The Blue Bar
  • Indonesia Zulkifli Moka A.K.A. Kiki Moka Loewy Bar & Restaurant
  • Ireland Javier Bravo Long Island Bar Triumphs
  • Italy Guglielmo Miriello Columbus Lounge Bar & Restaurant
  • Japan Manabu Ohtake Tower’s Bar Bellovisto
  • Korea Mingyu Lee (mickey) Woobar
  • Lebanon Kaled Derouiche Momo's At The Souks, Solidere, Beirut
  • Malaysia Chong Yi Shawn Hoofed
  • Mexico Jesus Cabrera Fry Restaurant, Bar Time Lounge, The Lounge and pool bar. 
  • Netherlands Rafael Reyes MoMo, Amsterdam
  • Norway Therese Østervold Contra Bar Kjs 
  • Puerto Rico Roberto Berdecía Piropo restaurant
  • Singapore Akihiro Eguchi a.k.a. Aki, Orgo
  • Spain Alberto Pizarro Bobby Gin
  • Sweden Abdallah ”Boudy” Ghostine   Kungsholmen, Orangeriet
  • Switzerland Henning Neufeld Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois
  • Taiwan Mark Huang Marquee Restaurant & Lounge
  • Thailand Vipop Jinaphan a.k.a. Tor Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar
  • Trinidad & Tobago Stephon Scott Hyatt Regency in Trinidad
  • UK Jamie MacDonald The Raconteur 

There is no American bartender. Who should I root for? 


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Any ideas as to why no United States based bartenders are not in the competition?

Camper English

Yes it has to do with legal reasons as to the way the contest is run. With the excitement of this year's contest hopefully they'll be able to adapt to the laws or adjust the contest next year!

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