Running a Massive Cocktail Contest
Down to the Wire at the World Class Global Finals

Theatrical Tableside Service at the World Class Competition in India

Hello again from India, where I am wide awake far too early in the morning thanks to the 12.5 hour time difference between here and California. On the plus side, that gives me a spare second to share some info from the Diageo Reserve World Class Global Finals 2011.

I have been sitting in on one of the six challenges that the 32 bartenders are undertaking here at the competition: Cocktail Theater and the Stars.

There are two parts to it. They must present an original cocktail inspired by a woman and give it a dramatic presentation. Then they must give a unique tableside bottle serve presentation. Peter Dorelli, ex-head barman of the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel in London, is the judge of the competition. 

I have been really impressed with both the cocktails and the serves, but here we'll just look at the latter. 

Zacapa rum is poured through a piece of raw sugarcane and served with dark chocolate.

Here you are allowed to taste the raw material of the spirit: Zacapa's 'sugar cane honey.'

Here you create your own sipper with a choice of several homemade tinctures built around the flavors of Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch.

A custom-designed stand for the glass with bullet-shaped atomizers filled with Blue Label-inspired mists.

This terrible photo shows one of the most creative and dramatic presentations of the day. Please goto Joerg Meyer's website to read about it

A simple serve of whisky is accompanied by tableside-smoked salmon and capers.

Those are a lot of creative ways to present a glass of liquor - and that's on the first two out of five challenge time slots - 9 out of 32 competitors! 

Still more to come from World Class in India... 


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