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Top Cocktail Searches

I thought this was interesting enough to share: According to a press release I got from Yahoo! here are recent top drink searches. 

According to Yahoo!, Top Searched Summer-Inspired Alcoholic Drinks, past 30 days:

  1. Mojitos
  2. Margarita
  3. Budweiser
  4. Sangria
  5. Tequila
  6. Heineken
  7. Blue Moon
  8. Miller High Life
  9. Corona
  10. Pina Colada 
  11. Mixed Drinks
  12. Dos Equis
  13. Martini
  14. Skinny Girl Margarita

Who knew so many people were searching for beer? Seems like you could just go to the store and pick some up. Also:

According to Yahoo!, Top Searched Cocktails, past 30 days:

  1. Vodka Cocktails
  2. Champagne Cocktails
  3. Manhattan Cocktails
  4. Rum Cocktail
  5. Low-Calorie Cocktails
  6. Mojito Cocktail
  7. Sazerac Cocktail
  8. Cosmopolitan Cocktail
  9. Sex on the Beach Cocktail
  10. Beer Cocktails


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The interesting thing about the first list is it's all pretty basic...mojitos, margaritas...not a huge surprise. But, what's a random Blue Moon (which i do like) doing on a list of very basic beers and drinks? Why is that being searched all of the sudden? Perhaps it's seeing some kind of popularity in the US (which I'll be less famliar with than what's popular in Europe) but seems a bit unusual. I also don't really think of it as a typical 'summer inspired cocktail' Also, I have no idea what a skinny girl margarita is, but that must be making the rounds somewhere in the US.

As for the 2nd list, I've been hearing lots more questions and comments lately about beer cocktails, so I've been pretty sure they were going to be on the rise in this area beyond the sort of beer cocktails that are always very popular here in France (basically beers with a dash of syrup)


Skinny Girl Margarita is a local premixed abomination targeted at the lo cal crowd. Popular among young women from what I have seen.

The top three summer inspired drinks clearly show the the craft beer and cocktail revolutions have a long way to go. I just hope those margaritas and Mojitos they are searching for are being made fresh.

Nice to See the Sazerac make number 7 though, and the Manhatten at number three is very happily surprising atleast to me.

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