The Non-Alcoholic Campari & Soda
Strawberries and Sweet Vermouth


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Now if we could just get a decent drink in an airport bar...

Blair Frodelius

Speaking of airlines: when I flew back from Tales this year I opened a mini that I had picked up during one of the seminars, and within minutes the airline steward had confiscated it saying it was a violation of Federal Law to drink alcohol on a plane that they hadn't served.

What are other people's experiences with this?


Camper English

Yes it's most definitely against the law. Most people I know put it in travel shampoo bottles. Then they order a soda with ice, drink the soda and then use the ice for the drink.


Yup, the FAA prohibits any BYO booze. I routinely do bring my own (because I'm cheap and can't stand Dewars White Label, etc.). You just have to wait until after they do the beverage service (ask for a cup of water or club soda) and pour it into the cup they give you. You just have to be subtle about it.

Katherine White

LOT Airlines has Zubrowka!!

Camper English

I flew LOT and didn't take notice of their menu, stupid Camper. Then again, I was awfully tired that morning. (Your fault.)

Camper English

And that's probably good for the blood!

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