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Negronis on Tap in San Francisco

It had to happen eventually. Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen in San Francisco has put a Negroni on tap.

Kevin deidrich pours negroni on tap_tn
(Kevin Deidrich pours a draft Negroni at Jasper's Corner Tap)

Negroni on tap closeup_tn
(Mmm, fresh Negroni.)

The kegs were pretty large, so as Kevin Deidrich explains in the video below, they used two bottles cases each of Plymouth Gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth to fill the keg. Then it's pushed through the line by an inert gas (that doesn't carbonate it but does prevent oxidization) and out of the tap.



They serve it on the rocks with a slice of orange. I had one last night and it tasted just like a Negroni, but, you know, more fun.

(Negroni at Jasper's Corner Tap)

The Negroni will be on draft at Jasper's for a couple months. Get 'em while they're hot!


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That. Is. Dangerous.

Camper English

The best part about it: when it got nearly empty, we asked to top it off with more!


That's what makes it dangerous. I've had mornings after too many negronis. Not pretty.


I wish I could like this drink.


Amor y Amargo in NYC has their house-made sweet vermouth, as well as an Americano, on tap. I'm hoping they throw some gin into the latter and make it a Negroni. If you're ever out this way, you should give the place a try. Their vermouth is outta sight!

Camper English

Nice! I didn't know of other places doing cocktails on tap. Good to hear.

Melissa W.

I can't believe I've been to Jasper's twice in the two weeks they've been open and now I want to rush back again to have one of these!

My husband and I were visiting NYC right around the time Amor y Amargo opened and we had the vermouth and saw the Americano on tap. The bar on the other side of their kitchen, I'm forgetting the name, has Dark and Stormy on tap so I think they're set up for fizzy drinks.

Does Jasper's Negroni come out fizzy at all? I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

Camper English

Well then... I guess I won't spoil the surprise!

Melissa W.

El Cobre, with their rum focus, is the one with Dark and Stormy on tap. In the same Cienfuegos "complex" as Amor y Amargo.

Hope I can find an excuse to stop by Jasper's while I'm in the city sometime soon!

Stephen Beaumont

My question is, Why? Followed by, Will the drink really be as good as a freshly made negroni three or five weeks from now? I take your point about a blanket of inert gas, but as countless kegs of oxidized beer -- even vermouth-strength beer -- have shown, that's hardly bullet-proof.


i prefer to drink the clasick one, mixed and strained by the barteneder and with the fresh orange zest, cocktails on tap? whats next?

Camper English

All in good fun, that's why.


For whatever it's worth, one keg has never lasted more than a few days; it moves pretty quickly. And in all blind taste tests, no one has consistently selected the kegged version out against a made to order. However, we are ALWAYS happy to stir you up a fresh one whenever you like!

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