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The Non-Alcoholic Campari & Soda

SolidLiquidsProjectSquareLogoI may still be figuring out the best techniques to use to dehydrate Campari and other liqueurs, but I have enough successful powder around now to start using. 

My first drink was the Campari & Soda, using dehydrated Campari powder. It should be essentially non-alcoholic as the alcohol burns off long before the water before it becomes solid. 

After a few tries to get the ratios right, here's what works.:

Take a 3-4 ounce glass of soda water, 

Soda water_tn

add a tablespoonfull of dehydrated Campari powder, 

Spoon of campari_tn

and 1/2 teaspoon of 2:1 simple syrup. I found that 1:1 added the sweetness necesary that made it taste like Campari again, but it missed the syrupyness that makes Campari Campari. 

Fizzing drink_tn

It also lacks the brightness of Campari, and an expressed orange peel fixed that right up, so don't forget that even though it's not in the picture. 

  More pink_tn

  Real versus non alcoholic_tn 
(Campari & Soda (left) and the non-alcoholic version (right))


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How much of the liqueur's aromatics vacated along with the alcohol and water?

Camper English

all of the orange-ness goes away, which is why I needed to add orange peel to the drink.


Thanks for posting. Have you tested if any alcohol remains in the finished drink? I'm unsure if all the alcohol evaporates... Do you know definitively?

Camper English

Hello - I'm not able to measure it, but in the time since this story came out I found a few articles about liquor used in cooking, and they said that there is some alcohol remaining in foods cooked with alcohol. So I'd say there is a chance it's not completely non-alcoholic.

Luke Ruppersburg

Foods cooked with alcohol have a lot more moisture in them than Campari powder does, though. If you successfully remove all the water, it's unlikely you have any alcohol left either.

Pat Farrell

Nothing is said about flavor. Does it taste even close to Campari and soda?

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