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The Non-Alcoholic Campari & Soda

SolidLiquidsProjectSquareLogoI may still be figuring out the best techniques to use to dehydrate Campari and other liqueurs, but I have enough successful powder around now to start using. 

My first drink was the Campari & Soda, using dehydrated Campari powder. It should be essentially non-alcoholic as the alcohol burns off long before the water before it becomes solid. 

After a few tries to get the ratios right, here's what works.:

Take a 3-4 ounce glass of soda water, 

Soda water_tn

add a tablespoonfull of dehydrated Campari powder, 

Spoon of campari_tn

and 1/2 teaspoon of 2:1 simple syrup. I found that 1:1 added the sweetness necesary that made it taste like Campari again, but it missed the syrupyness that makes Campari Campari. 

Fizzing drink_tn

It also lacks the brightness of Campari, and an expressed orange peel fixed that right up, so don't forget that even though it's not in the picture. 

  More pink_tn

  Real versus non alcoholic_tn 
(Campari & Soda (left) and the non-alcoholic version (right))


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