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Great Seminars at SF Cocktail Week

The full schedule of seminars for San Francisco Cocktail Week were just announced, and there are some really great-sounding ones. I didn't know we had so many people coming in from out of town for this. 

The full seminar descriptions are here.

I just want to highlight the out-of-town guests who will be coming in to give talks. 

Don Lee, one of the biggest drink nerds in America, will be talking on The Nerdy Aspects of Gin Cocktails.

 Kirsten Amann, a founding member of LUPEC from Boston, will be part of a talk with scientists called The Science of Taste.

Philip Duff, a great speaker and former Irish citizen, will be talking about How San Francisco Saved The Irish Whiskey Category: The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of The World’s First (And Finest!) Whiskey. 

John C. Burton, a guy from Santa Rosa with a huge collection of Bay Area bartending books and memorabilia, will be giving two talks on Sunday. The latter one sounds awesome: Bartending by the Bay: an Historical Tale through San Francisco’s Saloon and Cocktail History.

Have fun learning!



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Don't forget the Charbay Bar Crawl on Monday the 19th: 5 great San Francisco spots, 5 great cocktails and spend an evening with Marko K, the wild 13th generation Master Distiller of Charbay that always keeps it interesting! See you there!

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