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Dehydrating Liqueurs: Stovetop Crystallization Method

Solid Liquids: Bulk Liqueur Dehydration in the Oven

SolidLiquidsProjectSquareLogoThis is just a quick post in the Solid Liquids Project (project index here) to note that you can dehydrate liqueurs in the oven in containers other than the silicone cupcake holders that I've been using.

Many people have SilPat non-stick baking mats. These are great but have the problem of being flat so liquids run off them.

However you can also get other silicone containers. I bought a breadpan-sized silicone pan from Amazon. It works just fine for dehydrating larger quantities of liqueurs.

As you dehydrate a liqueur in the oven, a surface crust will form trapping some still-liquid liqueur beneath it, so it's important to break it up as it gets near the end of baking. I just squeeze the silicone pan to crunch the innards.

Baking pan solid_tn
Baking pan finished_tn
Baking pan crushed_tn


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