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Cocktail Menu: Le Bernardin in New York

Restaurant Le Bernardin in New York recently reopened after a renovation. They also have a new cocktail list. The cocktails mostly add gourmet touches to the classics. But the prices, ouch. 

The menu is long so I've put it after the jump.


The French Connection                                 $16
Pimm’s, Yuzu, 5-Spice, Absinthe

MLC Mezcal                                                     $18
Don Amado Mezcal, Kaffir Leaf, Lime Salt

51st Street Manhattan                                    $18
Ginger-Rooibos infused Michter’s Rye Dolin Sweet Vermouth, Charleston Sercial Madeira

Pisco “Gaudi”                                                   $16
Macchu Pisco, Bourbon Smoked Paprika, Saffron Tincture, Egg White

Negroni 155                                                      $18
Spring 44 Gin, Honey Bush Tea, Aperol, Dolin Sweet Vermouth, Rhubarb Bitters

Aperol Noir                                                        $17
Aperol, Pinot Noir, Orange Bitters, Lemon Champagne

Shiso Daquiri                                                     $16
Flor de Cana 7, Lime, Shiso, Lime Bitters

Poiré Tonic                                                        $17
Brooklyn Gin, Pear, Poiré "Granit"Rosemary, Clove


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I was about to say 'expensive even by Norwegian standards'.. but then I realized it isn't, it's just in line with prices here. :c

Taylor Cast

Macchu Pisco is the correct spelling.


That's a bit too much.


It's the same in Victoria, BC. I can invite friends over for drinks and it doesn't cost as much as going out.


If you can afford to EAT at Le Bernadin, than you can afford to DRINK at Le Bernadin!

I think at The Velvet Hour in Chicago drinks were $15 each.


It's the Violet Hour, and they're $12.

$18 is definite sticker shock territory for me, but I guess if you're eating there you've got cash on hand.


You're right! It is The Violet Hour!

They are $12?... well when I left my bar tab was like $100 so maybe I was a little fuzzy at the end. :)


Hah. That is a familiar feeling.


I work in the building and walk by every day. The bar area looks really nice. But yea, these drinks are on the pricy end. Definitely an expense account or special occasion place.

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