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A Kim Kardashian Shrinky Dink Sun Catcher Painted in Dehydrated Midori

SolidLiquidsProjectSquareLogoI found a new use for the dehydrated Midori I made in the Solid Liquids project

I made a sun catcher in the shape of Kim Kardashian from her Midori ad, and painted it with dehydrated (and rehydrated) Midori for her dress and X-Rated Fusion liqueur for her hair. Because why not? 

I started with her Midori ad:

MIDOMECH0305NoLegal cropped_tn

And had my graphic designer friend reduce Kim's profile to a line drawing.

Kim kardashian shrinky dink outline_tn

Printable shrink film_tnI then printed this onto printable 8.5 x 11 inch shrink film. You know, the stuff used to make Shrinky Dinks, except blank. 

Then I cut out the shape on the film and baked it in the oven according to the instructions. 

Kim kardashian shrinky dink finished_tn

It came out awesome! I am an arts & crafts master! It's about 4.5 inches tall.

So then I took some of my dehydrated Midori (see dehydration experiments here) and added a few drops of hot water to reconstitute it. 

Kim kardashian shrinky dink ready for paint_tn

And I painted her dress. Then I painted her hair using dehydrated/rehydrated X-Rated Fusion Liqueur. Naturally, the Midori drink matches the dress.

Kim kardashian shrinky dink wet_tn

And now she makes a lovely sun catcher. 

Kim kardashian shrinky dink sun catcher_tn

Until it rains anyway. The thing about painting with dehydrated liqueur is that it washes off with water.

So I guess this Kim Kardashian sun catcher is also lickable.


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