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Cocktail Menu: AQ in San Francisco

While waiting on their full liquor licence, new bar/restaurant AQ has launched a menu of creative aperitif wine cocktails. 

Keep reading below.

Aromatic Cocktails: 10 dollars

Churchill’s Bane
Winston Churchill may not have thought much about vermouth, but we love the stuff. Gin Botanicals have  been infused into dry vermouth and combined with Blanc Vermouth and orange bitters, topped with a twist       of lemon, for our take on the Classic Martini.

The Palanquin
You don’t need the pedigree of a king to enjoy this cocktail, just “hop” on your very own palanquin and let 21st amendment IPA, Lillet blanc, Lemon juice, honey and lavender bitters do all the heavy lifting.

Indian Summer Buck
Fall is here, but this is San Francisco, we like to do things a little different... 80 degree weather in the fall sounds good to us, so does a refreshing cocktail of Dubonnet Rouge, lemon and chamomile infused orange bitters all topped with ginger beer.

Squash Flip
Squash Flip? Exactly. Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, roasted butternut squash puree and a whole egg,  sounds crazy? Yeah, Crazy delicious... *Warning this cocktail contains nuts.

The seven elders
EVERY CULTURE HAS THEIR OWN VERSION OF A WISE MAN OR SAGE, GUIDING THE LOST and advising the confused  OUR SAGE IS INFUSED IN FUGI APPLE JUICE AND ACCOMPANIES cardamaro, lemon juice, and angostura bitters. THIS COCKTAIL MIGHT NOT HELP you through the turbulant wake of life's tribulation, but it will make the journey more paletable.   

Permanent Record
Detention sounds like the best place to be if they are adding this cocktail to your permanent record, Cream sherry and toasted pecan infused white port team up to shove some barrel aged bitters into a locker. Just don’t pull the fire alarm when we garnish with a flamed orange peel


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I see they have bitters in them though. I guess it falls under 'non-potable'.

Curious, could they offer any of the cocktails out there using 'non-potable' bitters like Angostura as a base spirit?


Or maybe I just misread that. Never mind me.

Timothy Zohn

Certain bitters fall under an exemption for a 41 license, while others don't. I don't know why this is, Angostura is ok, Bitter Truth bitters are not. When reading through the stipulations of the 41 license ( a very tedious task ) I came across a small portion regarding bitters and the law seemed very specific on bottle size. This could be why most common bitters come in the same bottle size and format. Your guess is as good as mine.

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