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Eggnog Goes Bananas

In a recent post on, I listed a recipe for Banana Eggnog. The recipe comes from The Happy Table of Eugene Walter: Southern Spirits in Food and Drink. The book includes inventive drinks like the Ladies’ Julep, made with rose petals, peaches, and champagne, Bombay Punch, made with sherry,... Read more →

Bars in Japan: Observations

Here are some observations about bars in Japan from my trip with Suntory whiskies. You can smoke in bars in Japan. Bars were all a little bit smoky, but none of them I visited were smoky that your eyes hurt. When you enter a cocktail bar and most other types... Read more →

Bars in Japan: Miscellany

On my five-day visit to Japan with Suntory whiskies I hit 21 bars by my count. I am talking about them in groups. Next up: The Rest of Them. The difference between the various styles of bars is subtle and I'm defining them as I see them. I'll be describing... Read more →