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Cocktail Menu: Winter Drinks at 1886 in Los Angeles

There are so many great-looking winter cocktail menus coming out it's hard to keep up. 1886 is the bar at The Raymond restaurant in Pasadena has some wild and delicious concoctions for winter.

Oak Knoll Manhattan_0064
(Image courtesy of 1886)

I see: edible cigarette, house-made mulled vermouth, a beer flip, and pistachio orgeat. Yums.  

The menu is below

1886 Winter Cocktail Menu
ByMarcos Tello & 1886 Bar Team

Con Abuelita
A palate pleasing deconstruction of traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate – Just like grandma (abuelita) used to make. Served Hot...Thanks Jeff!
Ancho-Chile infused Reposado Tequila, 1886 Hot Chocolate Mix, & Ancho-Chile Marshmallow

Grog Logged
Groggy Greg Gertmenian’s interpretation of traditional “grog”- utilizing ale, sugar, & lime. We serve it piping hot (and in keeping with 1756 Naval Code) “in the presence of the Lieutenant of the Watch”, all wrapped up in an ancient mariner koozie (wink, wink).
Black Rum & 1886 Grog

Chic(ory) Flip
In the 1700s Flips were made with ale, spirit, whole eggs, and sugar…We’d like to offer you up this coffee infused version. Served Cold!
Chicory-Coffee infused Rye Whiskey, Yeti Stout, One Whole Egg, & Caramelized Chicory-Coffee Sugar

Pimm’s Cup No. 2
Back in the 1880’s there were many different variations of Pimm’s Bottled Cocktails, most of which have been lost through the ages. This season we bring you yet another re-created Pimm’s Cup….This one is housemade with Scotch.
Scotch based Pimm’s No. 2, citrus juices, ginger, mint, cucumber, & soda water

Oak Knoll Manhattan
With so many spirit forward cocktails named after New York neighborhoods these days…Native New Yorker Danny Cymbal has decided to craft one for the ‘Dena! Creating a housemade mulled wine vermouth utilizing a lot of spices and botanicals originally grown in this area, we bring you this very special spirituous winter cocktail.
Bonded Bourbon, Dry Vermouth, and 1886 Mulled Vermouth 

Holland Daze
Dazing and delighting the senses, cocktail conjurer Kate Grutman from Sotto has lent us this enchanting recipe for the season.
Bols Genever, Housemade Pistachio Orgeat, Maraschino Liqueur, Lemon & Housmade Sambuca Bitters 

Per-Sin-Amen Cocktail
Head Barman Garret McKechnie’s vision of: Sinful Cinnamon and Sexy, Smoky Mescal tied together by seasonal Persimmon. Now try saying that 10 times fast!
Mescal, Fresh Persimmons, Housemade Cinnamon Bark Syrup, Lime, & Chocolate-Creole Bitters  

The Smoking Jacket
Lacey Murillo transports you to a land of cigar smoke & whiskey – a complete multi-sensory experience. Dare to don “the smoking jacket”!
Pot Still Irish Whiskey, 1886 Tobacco Bitters, Maplewood Smoke, & Orange Vanilla Ash
SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Tobacco Use Increases The Risk Of Infertility, Stillbirth, And Low Birth Weight.

Coffee & Cigarettes
Brady Weise, a master of fermented beverage, brings you this song to an age old cliché. Served with an edible cigarette, meant to be eaten not smoked, along with your beverage…Thanks Mikey!
Vodka, Dark Crème de Cacao, Yeti Stout, Hand Whipped Cream, & Vanilla Paper Rolled Cigarette

Vintage Caprice
Just like a classic car sometimes classic cocktails need a bit of time to come into their own. The Caprice is one of those whose potential was recognized by 1886 barman Danny Cymbal.
Beefeater Gin, Dry Vermouth, Benedictine, & Orange Bitters – Aged for 8 Months in a Bourbon Barrel

The Smoking Jacket - 12-15-11
(Image courtesy of 1886)