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The Tackler: A Cocktail with Genever, Ginger, and Allspice

I created a not-very-complicated but super delicious and spicy cocktail called The Tackler. First I put it up on Fine Cooking. It contains genever, allspice dram, and ginger liqueur. 


Then 12 Bottle Bar featured it in this post, with one of the longest drink-related historical tangents ever. They delve into the Christmas Truce, a football game played by opposing sides of World War I during a 2-day truce. 

Pour yourself a cocktail before reading it: it's a doozy. 

12 bottle bar


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You missed mentioning where it appeared first:

Blair Frodelius

I made this for a few family members on Xmas eve and found that a thin wheel of lemon and a rim rubbed with a lemon twist served it quite well indeed. Went over like hotcakes. :)

Camper English

Excellent - and yes I can see the lemon twist being an improvement!


Camper -- we're all about the tangents. I think every good drink deserves a story -- even if it's not related.

Thanks for the mention!

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