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Cocktail Menu: Winter Drinks at the Moss Room in San Francisco

 The Moss Room, in the middle of Golden Gate Park inside the California Academy of Sciences, has beefed up their cocktail program of late, with GM and Beverage Manager Rafael Jimenez Rivera at the helm. 

In addition to the cocktails below, they'll also be serving Coquito (Puerto Rican egg nog made with coconut cream, coconut milk toasted spices white and dark rum) from Rivera's grandfather's recipe from Dec 19 to January 6th. 

The holiday cockatil menu is below.

Holiday Cocktails from the Ages

Hot Buttered Rum, c. 1650 10
dark rum, apple cider, spiced butter, fresh whipped cream

A heartwarming, friendly quaff, hot buttered rum was a favorite of the founding fathers – many a cold night was spent in colonial taverns, where hot rum warmed the soul and hushed talk often turned against the crown as ever-growing molasses tariffs loomed, threatening America’s treasured spiri.t

Tom & Jerry, c. 1820 12
milk, madeira, egg, nutmeg

This piping hot drink is of dubious origin. Jerry Thomas, famous bartender of the late 19th century, often claimed inventorship of the Tom & Jerry, despite records showing the cocktail to be at least a decade older than Mr. Thomas himself. Nevertheless, Jerry's well-documented enthusiasm for the drink helped make it into the holiday classic it has become. Soothes anxieties and awakens the spirits.

George the Fourth’s Regent Punch, c. 1788 11
pineapple, green  tea,brandy, arrack, champagne. 

The son of Mad King George, no stranger to fine beverages, decadent elixirs, or any other such lavish excesses, called this concoction his favorite, and for good reason; it is as bright as starlight, fruity and full of cheer.

North Barracks Egg Nog, c. 1 AD 12
fresh egg, nutmeg, bourbon, rum, cinnamon

Late December 1826, a small group of West Point cadets commandeered a small boat and smuggled two gallons of whiskey across the Hudson for an eggnog party on Christmas Eve, one which concluded in the infamous Eggnog Riot of early Christmas day. A young Jefferson Davis was almost expelled for his part in the debauchery, and Robert E. Lee was among the disapproving officers called to put the cadets back in line. All this over a beverage so old, Jesus himself might very well have drunk it.

Chicory Rye Sangaree, c. 1774 10
rye, port, citrus, chicory

Heavy in color but light on the tongue and lighter still on the spirit. The sangaree hails from Antilles, and this chicory-infused rendition reminds us a holiday cocktail can warm our hearts and still quench our thirst. Dangerously drinkable.

Negroni 8
campari, gin,  sweet vermouth

Sidecar 10
cognac, lemon, combier

Manhattan 12
rye, sweet vermouth, bitters


Little Red Dress 11
vodka, blood orange, champagne

Western Star 11
gin, blood orange liqueur, orange blossom water

Hawthorne 10
bourbon, egg white, apple, cinnamon

La Diabla 10tequila, mescal, grapefruit, pink peppercorn


Hot Buttered Cider 7
apple cider, winter spices, fresh whipped cream

Urbanite 7
grapefruit juice, lavender, cucumber

Fruit Soda 5
made to order with seasonal fruit syrup


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