2011: A Year of Spirituous Travel
How Water Freezes

2011: My Year in Cocktail Writing

Looking over the year (read: sending invoices) for 2011, it turns out that I managed to get a lot of work done in between all the trips.

This year I contributed to:

  • FineCooking.com as the weekly cocktail blogger
  • Mixology Magazine in Germany
  • The LA Times Magazine
  • Caviar Affair Magazine
  • SilverKris (Singapore Airlines)
  • Penthouse Magazine
  • The San Francisco Chronicle
  • 7x7 Magazine
  • Tasting Panel Magazine
  • TastingTable.com
  • Drink Magazine (China)
  • Sunset Magazine
  • Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine
  • DiffordsGuide/ CLASS Magazine
  • ShakeStir.com
  • Drinks International
  • The Bold Italic

Plus, I blogged every day here on Alcademics.com and worked on both the Solid Liquids Project and the Sugar Spirit Project. 

I spoke at several conferences this year including Vino 2011, SF Chefs, and the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Association, covered cocktail competitions in France, Spain, and India, and judged them in Vegas and San Francisco. 

So, I guess that was a pretty productive year! Thanks again for reading all my blatherings. 


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Happy New Year and thanks for all your work in 2011! I always check here first for great bars to visit when traveling, and I'm never disappointed. You'll have to visit Boston again to visit the many great new bars opening here (Hawthorne, Backbar, etc.)-- but wait until spring!

Camper English

A visit to Boston is long overdue, but at least there are a slew of new bars to see when I get there. In the meantime I keep up with what's happening in Boston from

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