A Visit to Honor Bar in Emeryville
Bar Visit: The Hotsy Totsy Club in Albany, California

Bar Visit: Prizefighter in Emeryville

East Bay bar week continues! Last week I visited Prizefighter in Emeryville. 

Prizefighter is a clean and casual new bar in Everyville unfortunately not very accessible via public transportation. The space is split into three open areas.

There is the bar area with stools in front (and outlets beneath the bar for you to charge your phone while drinking!):

Prizefighter bar2_tn

A middle lounge-type room with some softer seating:

Prizefighter room2_tn

And a larger room that holds a communal table and the tabletop shuffleboard game. 

Prizefighter people_tn

There's also a small outdoor patio with heat lamps. 

Prizefighter patio_tn

As I wrote before, the main focus of this bar is on "Sessionability: The ability of a beverage to be both delicious and highly drinkable in great quantities while leaving the imbiber lifted but not legless." Thus, many of the drinks are lower in alcohol than at urban speakeasy-type bars. 

Prizefighter drink_tn

There is a section of the menu for "patio drinks" available by the pitcher or as singles, as well as "soda fountain" drinks and a couple of non-alcoholic shrubs, plus punchbowls.

Prizefighter mezcal drink_tn

There is also a large selection of mezcal - 16 bottles by my count - and in general the spirits selection is excellent. 

Casual but not dumpy, great drinks whether you want just a Tecate or a fancy cocktail, and it's suitable for groups. Nice. 

Prizefighter bar_tn


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