Absinthe and Oranges
Cocktail Menu: Jbird Cocktails in New York


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Blair Frodelius

I'm surprised that Absinthe takes such a large piece of the pie. Imagine if this poster was all that Jerry Thomas had left us. Gah!!!


Hmmm.... I don't see tequila on that chart.

Blair Frodelius

Also, there are some errors. Bourbon for instance, does not belong in a Sidecar. :(

Camper English

I heard about that. Interestingly I only just learned that in certain parts of the country sidecar = bourbon sidecar by default. I'd never heard of such a thing but I think it's like how in parts of the mid-west an old-fashioned is always made with brandy.

Blair Frodelius

So, how did things get changed? Preference, or can you find precedence in regional cocktail guides? Reminds me of how vodka supplanted gin in the Martini.

Camper English

I don't know when that regional preference developed, I imagine it's a long slow process. In SF, Negronis are typically served up in a cocktail glass, which is unusual but not too many of us realized that until we started traveling a lot. I thought it was weird when I see it written in cocktail books on the rocks. "That's not right," but turns out is the standard.

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