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Show Us Your Sugar: The Sugar House in Detroit



As part of my ongoing study of sugar in spirits and cocktails, I am curious to know what sugars bartenders are using in their bars - raw sugars, simple syrups, and any other sugars.


Bartenders: I'd love it if you'd send me a picture of your sugar and tell me about your program. 

I got the idea for a series from Dave Kwiatkowski of Sugar House in Detroit, who sent a picture of his sugar. 




Kwiatkowski says, "It's certified fair trade Malawian natural demerara sugar.  It's extremely sweet and an amazingly rich tasting, so instead of a 2:1 we use a 1:1, and often have to dial back the syrup just a bit."

"Before we hooked up with Wholesome, I was running around to all the Mexican markets in Detroit buying up all their Zulka every other day, as none of the food purveyors here seem to know what natural sugar is about.  Needless to say, that got old."

I didn't realize how much sugar bars actually go through. Kwiatkowski says, "We started buying it in mid November, and I've already purchased about 475lbs, with a few bags left." That was in January.

By my calculations that's about 60 pounds of sugar per week!



Want to show off your bar's sugar program? Please send me an email. 


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