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Making Hendrick's Gin

At Tales of the Cocktail Vancouver, I stopped in to the Hendrick's Gin tasting room. I've been to about 70 million Hendrick's events, but in this one I first learned how the gin is made. 

It turns out that Hendrick's is the product of two different stills. Botanicals are infused into the spirit during distillation in different ways depending on the still.




The botanicals go into the column in the still on the left, whereas they are infused into the spirit directly in the pot in the still on the right.

The two distillates are mixed and rose and cucumber essences are added. This makes a gin concentrate. Like many other brands of gin, this concentrate is then diluted both with water and neutral spirit to bring it to the proper bottling strength.

We were able to try each of the distillates, smell the essences, and taste the concentrate.




And then it was time for drinks.   



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Robert Simonson

Question: why are the rose and cucumber added as essences, instead of being included with the other botanicals?

Camper English

Jim Ryan said that the cucumber would produce a baked flavor, and I forget what he said the rose would taste like, but not good, if you put them through the still.


Rose is typically added as a hydrosol otherwise it does not seem all that much like rose; rose is traditionally a perfumer's nightmare. I would not be surprised if cucumber was added the same way.


This sounds like a great tasting room! I knew Hendricks's was made in 2 different stills but I've never had the chance to try the individual distillates. I hope they do this again in NOLA in July!


Hendrick's has got to be my favorite gin, ever. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It's always so great to be able to taste individual components; helps you appreciate the final product as a whole that much more. I've done this several times with coffee blends. Amazing. Thanks again.


Great picture of Jackie!

Tony Harion

I´ve tried to distill cucumbers on a regular still before and it really doesn’t work at all...

But when done in a rotovap, oh man… lovely!
I gotta try roses sometime.


I have a severe allergy to corn. Could you please tell me what the base spirit in Hendricks Gin is sourced from? Thank you so much! Can you recommend a gin that would be safe for me?

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