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The New Madonna Video and Smirnoff Vodka Product Placement

The latest music video from Madonna "Give Me All Your Luvin'" includes some product placement luvin' for Smirnoff vodka. 







It's far enough in the background that it's not entirely clear what the brand is, unless of course one is already familiar with these things. 

The full video is below. 



Smirnoff NEP_M_Key Visual online version

Smirnoff and Madonna did some work together this fall in a promotion called the  Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, in which dancers auditioned to go on tour with Madonna. So I guess it shouldn't be a surprise. 




Of course, it's not unusual for pop stars to put liquor in their music videos, I just don't watch them very often to notice. Lady Gaga did tons of placements as I covered here before here and here




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Blair Frodelius

One of my favourite games is to hit the pause button and name the spirit brand whenever there's a bottle shot in a tv show or film. It's even come to the point where sometimes the bottle shape is a dead giveaway if they've created a fake label. An obsession....

Camper English

Same here. Not that we're nerds or anything...

Jim B

that was´╗┐ awesome, the queen is back and she looks and sounds incredible. anyway, it must be the part of the Sponsorship Deal. nice job I should say. But despite the fact that I like Madonna, I'm still not a fan of Smirnoff

Blair Frodelius


Here's another artsy video with some bottles on view.


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