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Top Cocktail Bars in San Francisco: My App Has Launched!

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About twice each week, I'm asked by people visiting San Francisco which bars to hit while they're here. From now on I have an easy answer: Those are all in my app module for iPhones, now available on iTunes

The app is called Know What. It's basically a framework with more than 400 "essential" spots to visit (between San Francisco and Los Angeles) as picked by experts like me, on top of which you purchase individual guides depending on your interests.

The Know What Essentials costs $2.99. My module, The City's Best Cocktail Spots, costs an additional $1.99.

The City's Best Cocktail Spots includes 20 (for now) of the best cocktail bars in San Francisco. I'll be updating the information regularly to keep track of new places as they open - I already have a new place or two to add. Updates are free, of course. 

Other experts with modules in San Francisco include Joshua Lurie,,, and Carolyn Jung writing about food. There are also history modules by the SF Heritage Association and Thinkwalks. There are similar modules for Los Angeles (and the Valley and San Jose too), with the cocktail bar module for LA written by Caroline on Crack

Below are some screen shots for my guide. It's not clear here but this is really a map-based app, so you click on the map and see all the places near you. Then you click on individual places to see these descriptions. You can filter which guides appear on your map at any given time, and furthermore add your own reviews or notes to mine. 

Know What Camper English City's Best Cocktail Spots
Know What Camper English City's Best Cocktail Spots Places Like
Know What Camper English City's Best Cocktail Spots Places Like The Alembic

To purchase the app, go here and open iTunes. Then purchase my guide from within the app. 

Please consider spending the five bucks to get the framework and The City's Best Cocktail Spots. If all goes well, I may add other modules like classic cocktail bars, bars with a view, etc. 

I hope you enjoy the app! 


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cool app camper!

Jacob Briars

Do you ever venture outside the BART ecosystem? No Tommy's? No Dosa? Still, a great app, much better viewed on an iPad than a phone would be my only reservation. Still, very cool, good luck with it!

Camper English

There are several places outside of BART including Alembic and NOPA. Tommy's for all its glory isn't a cocktail bar. I wouldn't put DOSA in the top 20 but perhaps it is worth a revisit to see.

Josh Miller

Looks great, Camper! Will support by buying today.

Camper English



Is there a planned android version in the future?

Camper English

I'm not sure what the Android plans are. My guess is that it will depend on the success of the iphone version. Obviously I'd love it it the app were on all platforms.


Exciting! Congratulations!

Food GPS

Congratulations. I'm happy to be sharing an app with you and other great, trustworthy writers.

Camper English

I know, I finally part of the cool crowd all of a sudden.

Chuck T.


Camper English



This is awesome, congratulations!

Carolyn Jung

Word is that the Android version may be available in the latter half of this year. So, stay tuned! ;)

Tequila Whisperer

Hola Camper,
I just bought your add-on to the "Know What" guide and I've planned an entire day of bar-hopping in San Francisco thanks to you!

I'll post my escapades after I dry out!


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