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March 2012

Irish Whiskey in the San Francisco Chronicle

Hooray! I have a story in the San Francisco Chronicle about Irish whiskey. It discusses the popularity of Irish whiskey, some reasons for that popularity, its lack of use in cocktails, a cocktail recipe from Phil Mauro of Rye, and Ireland's three-and-a-half distilleries and their brands. I was able to... Read more →

Irish Whiskey History

I recently read the book Irish Whiskey: A 1000 Year Tradition , which is no longer in print but still available. It was originally published in 1980 and most recently reprinted in 1998. A lot has happened since then, but this book has some good historical information. Here are some... Read more →

Vancouver Cocktail Trends

I mentioned some of these in my write-up of twelve bars in Vancouver, but I wanted to expand on what's happening in Vancouver's bar scene. Bars Are Restaurants Apparently licensing in Vancouver is very strict, so many bars are disguised as restaurants. There are seats for everyone and they look... Read more →