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A Vegas Recipe with a San Franciscan Address

In my latest post at, I list the recipe for the 23rd and Valencia by Traci Howell of Public House in Las Vegas. 


Those of you familiar with San Francisco will know that 23rd and Valencia is the location of the bar Beretta, and it turns out Howell adapted the drink from Beretta bartender Ryan Fitzgerald. 

It contains the lovely combination of Leblon cachaca, St. Germain, citrus, and a rinse of smoky scotch whisky. It tastes like drinking lemonade next to a barbecue. You could drink it by the vat. 

Get the recipe here.


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Ryan Fitzgerald

Credit truly goes to Ben Sandrof of Boston.
He created a drink called the 'Esmeralda' named after the Cachaca from Armazem Vieira. I was introduced to it while guest bartending at Drink back in '08. I thought it was an incredible cocktail and used to make a bunch for the RN74 crew when they would come in to beretta after work.
Hi Traci - SF misses you. . .

Camper English

Oh yes, I remember the Esmerelda! So this post should really be called A Vegas Recipe with a San Franciscan Address That's Actually From Boston.

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