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Cocktail Menu: Spring Drinks at 1886 in Los Angeles

I love the way this cocktail menu is written. It shows how the program is a collaborative effort by naming the bartender who has created each cocktail, and it names all the ingredients while describing the flavor of the drink in just a sentence. 

And the flight of Caprice cocktails made fresh, aged 4 months, and one year? Brilliant. Well done, Marcos Tello and team. 

1886 is the bar at The Raymond restaurant in Pasadena. 

1886 Wild Orchid (Photo Credit acuna-hansen).1
Photo by acuna-hansen

Spring Cocktails


MacArthur Park Swizzle
In honor of Brian Miller’s Tiki Night at Lani Kai in NYC, Marcos Tello created this refreshing swizzle using a blend of XO and Agricole Rum, fresh lime juice and a secret Tiki mix topped with Allspice Dram and Nutmeg.

Pimms #5 – Family Pimm’s Recipe
Our next offering in our mission to create all 8 original Pimm’s Cocktails is this homemade recipe that uses herbal liquors and a strong backbone of Rye topped with refreshing Bitter Lemon Fever Tree Tonic.

20,000 Leagues
Peter Lloyd Jones’ first cocktail for 1886 is inspired by a request from the Pasadena Historical Society to honor the passengers from Pasadena who perished on the Titanic 100 yrs ago. Using homemade Organic Peach infused Rye, mint and a Yellow Chartreuse candy garnish made by our Pastry Chef, Jeff Haines, Pete’s refreshing Julep was based on a dessert served on that fateful voyage.


An easy drinking refresher, Lacey Murillo combines Gin, lemon, homemade Cinnamon-Bark Syrup, and fire for a table-side garnish of freshly toasted Cinnamon.

Wild Orchid
Continuing his obsession with Beer cocktails and 80’s movies, Brady Weise elevates both genres with this delicate cocktail. Torontel Pisco, Vergano Bianco Vermouth, Grand Marnier and Hefeweissen are thrown and served up, with a Wild Orchid garnish.
Bittersweet Farewell
Saying goodbye to Danny Cymbal was hard for all of us. To send him off right, Marcos Tello creates a bittersweet farewell that could be sipped all day long. London Dry Gin, homemade Passion fruit Syrup, fresh lemon juice and Campari, with a decadent flaming garnish… just like Danny.


Dowager Cocktail
A dignified cocktail for any Dowager. Head Bartender, Garrett Mckechnie stirs up Cognac, Calvados, French Vermouth, Apricot Liquor and Wormwood Bitters. Once again…thanks Aaron!

Vintage Caprice Flight
Our barrel-aged Vintage Caprice from Danny Cymbal has culminated into a truly amazing cocktail experience. Taste the difference a year makes with a flight including a taste of the Caprice, a la minute… 4 months and at 12 months.

Barrel Roll
Taking inspiration from the classic Tailspin Cocktail, “Master Mixtress” Lacey Murillo uses Bols Barrel-Aged Genever, Carpano Antica, Green Chartruese, …and with the help of our favorite Pastry chef Jeff Haines, garnishes it with a candied Campari Chip.


El Galgo
No relation to the American Greyhound, the Spanish Galgo (Greyhound), by Garrett Mckechnie combines a little smoke and spice with Serrano Chile infused Chichicapa, Lacey’s homemade Agave Liquor and White Grapefruit juice.

Rum Whistle (Alcohol-based Bottled Soda)
Conceived by Greg Gertmenian, and brought to life by both Gertmentian and resident Pasty Chef, Jeff Haines. The two created freshly prepared green apple & celery soda pop (carbonated in-house) with spiked, aged, white rum, and served in 1886’s own bottle just like a 7-up! Available while supplies last.

Water of Life
Derived from the Latin Aqua Vitae “Water of Life”, Aquavit is a Norwegian herbal spirit made from potatoes, Carroway Seeds and other herbs. This refreshing Aquavit Collins style cocktail from Garrett Mckechnie, mixes homemade Chamomile Syrup, a light touch of Nolet’s Gin, and is topped off with tonic and a fresh sprig of Chamomile.

1886 Bar at The Raymond
1250 South Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105 (At Columbia)
T: 626.441.3136



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