The Bitter Pill: Dehydrated Angostura Bitters Tablets
Extreme Aperol and the No Baloney Negroni

Dehydrated Liqueur Flavor Pills and Champagne Cocktails

SolidLiquidsProjectSquareLogoAs an ongoing part of my Solid Liquids Project, I have dehydrated various liqueurs into flavored powders and am now experimenting with new ways to use them. 

In yesterday's post I described how I bought a pill press to make tablets out of the liqueurs. 

I started with Angostura bitters, but then made additional "flavor pills" out of Campari, Midori, and Aperol. 

Three pelletsM
I was thinking that these would be fun flavor enhancers for drinks, especially champagne drinks. 

Pellets with flute1M
A cool presentation might be to give a guest a glass of champagne and a variety of flavor enhancers from which to choose. To make it extra fun, I put some in a pill box.

Pill box2M
Pill box3nobackground
Then you pick your pill and add it to the sparkling wine. It fizzes up nicely.

Campari champage2M
And eventually it breaks down and colors and flavors the drink.

Campari champage4M
It does take several minutes for the flavor to become noticeable in the champagne. I tried to speed up the process by experimenting with adding baking powder to the mix, but this affected the flavor of the drink. 

Thus this works best with the most strongly flavored liqueurs, and using rather large sized flavor pill tablets. It could also be a fun addition to hot tea. 

Sometime soon I'll do some experimenting (I've run out of sparkling wine for now) to see which flavors work best in this format. 

I hope this inspires some fun experimenting!