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Extreme Aperol and the No Baloney Negroni

SolidLiquidsProjectSquareLogoAs ongoing part of the Solid Liquids Project, I decided to make high-proof Aperol. 

I haven't talked about this use of dehydrated liqueurs yet, which is making high-proof spirits with them. Simply add neutral grain spirits plus dehydrated liqueur, plus some of the original liqueur to keep taste consistency. 

First I dehydrated some Aperol (I can't remember if I used the stovetop method or the oven method- they produce the same thing). 

Dehydrated aperol_tn

Then I made Extreme Aperol.

Extreme Aperol

2 ounces Aperol
2 ounces Everclear Grain Alcohol
1 ounce (by volume) Dehydrated Aperol

Combine ingredients and shake container until dehydrated Aperol is dissolved. (I had to break out the muddler as I had some big chunks.)


Extreme Aperol by Camper English Alcademics1_tn
Extreme Aperol, Looking Sexy



Everclear is 75.5 percent alcohol and Aperol is 11 percent alcohol, so by my rough calculations ((.4 x 75) + (.4 x 11)) this comes out to 34.4 percent alcohol.

And the stuff is flipping delicious, like Aperol on steroids.

Then I decided to make a Negroni with it. Many people new to Campari (a Negroni is equal parts Campari, gin, and sweet vermouth) find it too bitter and weird for their taste, so bartenders sometimes substitute the more orangey and less bitter Aperol.

The problem is that Campari is 24 percent alcohol, while Aperol is only 11 percent. I don't think Aperol holds up well in the Negroni. Thus, using Extreme Aperol should keep the same flavor of Aperol but have a higher proof.

To make Extreme Aperol the alcoholic strength as regular Campari I'd need to water it down to 70% Extreme Aperol to 30% water, so in this recipe I just used .75 ounces Aperol instead of the usual ounce. 

No Baloney Negroni

.75 ounces Extreme Aperol
1 ounce Gin
1 ounce Sweet Vermouth

Stir all ingredients over ice and strain over new ice or serve up if you prefer. Consider garnishing with an orange peel.


No Baloney Negroni by Camper English5_tn
The No Baloney Negroni. 



This drink has the same syrupy texture as a Negroni, but the orange is more present than in the standard recipe. Awesome!


No Baloney Negroni by Camper English2_tn
The No Baloney Negroni, Served Up


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