A Brilliant Idea That Didn't Quite Work
Dehydrated Liqueur Flavor Pills and Champagne Cocktails

The Bitter Pill: Dehydrated Angostura Bitters Tablets

SolidLiquidsProjectSquareLogoAs I mentioned in yesterday's post, I wanted to find some more uses for the dehydrated liqueurs I spent a few months developing. The index to that experimentation is here

Yesterday I tried putting dehydrated liqueurs into pill capsules, but these did not readily dissolve in any of the drinks I put them in. 

So I went online and bought a pill press. You'll find them online often called a "pollen press" to make some sort of pollen pills (and I get the impression that they're also used in vaporizers with marijuana). Anyway, the one I bought was this simple split pipe and sleeve on Ebay. I bought the half-inch size.

Pellets and press1M
You simply put some powder in the sleeve and the metal pipes into either end, then bang them together using a rubber or wooden hammer. It produces a tablet of sorts that you can make in any thickness. 

Angostura pellets2M
So now they're ready to use. One of the first ones I made was not the Campari or other typical liqueurs, but Angostura bitters. (I mixed Angostura and sugar and dehydrated them together in the oven.)

That way, this "bitter pill" of Angostura and sugar can be added to bourbon to make an instant Old Fashioned cocktail.

It can also be added to champagne to make a Champagne Cocktail.



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Or you could put one on your tongue!

Good grief, that would be something. I want to make them now. >:D


Red, Blue, or Brown Pill?

Jared Hirsch

and..... how did it work? Did it dissolve on it's own, or need some sort of agitation?

Jared Hirsch

Oh, I see, You're stringing it out. Good job

Camper English



I wonder if any of the head shops in the Haight sell pollen presses...

Camper English

That would probably be easier than ordering one online as I did!


Well, I'll probably be checking shortly! By the way, are the tablets pretty stable after being formed? Would they travel well?

Camper English

Well they don't seem to disintegrate on their own, but they could definitely use some minor padding in between them for shipping.


Cool; thanks!

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