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50 Things to Drink in San Francisco Before You Die

In the June 2012 issue of 7x7 Magazine, I wrote the story The Big Drink. It's a list of 50 cocktails to try in the city.

It's basically a list of 50 Things to Drink in San Francisco Before You Die, but it's not always about what you're drinking, but where

I chose a mix of can't miss City classics (Pisco Punch, Tommy's Margarita, Irish Coffee), classic bars (Big Four Grill, Vesuvio), emblematic cocktails of the bars they're in (Bloody Mary at Zeitgeist, Basil Gimlet at Rye), recent classics (Chartreuse Swizzle, La Perla), and neighborhood bars to see (The Ramp, Li Po Lounge, Park Chalet).

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I did skip some modern classics like the Cable Car and The Revolver as I didn't want to make it seem stuck in the last decade, and I couldn't think of any drinks to recommend trying at a few bars like Wild Side West.

What else did I miss?