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A Blackberry and Beer Cocktail from A New Book

In last week's post, I put up a recipe from the new book  Beer Cocktails, by Howard & Ashley Stelzer. 


As I said in the post I really like the book and the recipes are very original.

"The drinks are divided into recipe categories by beer type: lagers, Belgian/trappist ales, stouts and porters, and other dark beers. They include ingredients like root beer liqueur, mezcal, and pistachio liqueur to go along with the brews, plus lots of fresh ingredients like herbs and berries. Many beer cocktails feel a bit forced, but these flavor combinations are pretty fun and I look forward to trying more of them out."


The recipe over on FineCoking is for the Sloe Work Day, a drink with IPA, blackberry puree, sloe gin, St. Germain, and other ingredients. Go Get Some!


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Franky G

Beer cocktails are poised to be the new 'martini.' Some believe that right now, in The USA, beer is being made better than anywhere in the history of the world. Apparently, we're putting monk's to shame every day. Then guys like you and TAG take the 'cocktail renaissance' to epic levels and help to instill a whole new set of values in today's young bartender.

The collision is inevitable. This book definitely sets a high standard. I'm looking forward to reading any others you want to share. Berries seem like such a natural choice for beer. I've made two beer cocktails on my blog. Both with berries. I'd love it if you took a look at them and maybe offer up a tip or two on what I could have done to take them to a pro level. There's an IPA with blackberry- and Strawberry Lambic style beer with fresh strawberries.

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