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Cocktail Menu: Midnight Cowboy Modeling in Austin, Texas

McmThe new bar Midnight Cowboy has opened on the sight of Midnight Cowboy Oriental Modeling, basically a brothel, in Austin. The bar opened at the end of February. Below is the menu and below that, a press release about the bar. 

I see: Celery Julep! Josh Harris' Del Rio! Vinegar!

house cocktails. $12
pisco sourgrass*- peruvian pisco,sorrel-honey syrup,lemon,tiki bitters,cracked pepper,egg white.
courting two sisters- sweet and dry vermouths, tenneyson absinthe,orange twist.
jinx remover- herbsaint,pineapple,hiver amer,tiki bitters,grated cinnamon, mint, crushed ice.
hauptmann cocktail*- old tom gin,orgeat,fresh orange juice,orange bitters,egg white,peychauds mist.
kalamazoo julep- dutch genever,house celery syrup, hammered ice,celery leaves,mint.
carmine swizzle- navy strength rum,campari,house-made falernum,fresh grapefruit,crushed ice.
lovebirds- reposado tequila,canton ginger,watermelon-taragon shrub,peychauds,lime,sparkling rose.
basilica- rye whiskey,amaro montenegro,a touch of campari, lemon twist.
joe buck- tx blue-corn whiskey,mustard syrup,smoked paprika,fresh lemon,ginger beer, cracked ice.
cherry knowle- apple brandy,amaro nonino,combier rouge,chinese 5-spice bitters,cherry,cubed ice.
lindsey’s lament- single-barrel bourbon,becherovka, maple,salt tincture,orange zest.
smoke + mirrors- 12yr scotch,duque de carmona, benedictine,sarsaparilla bitters,flamed orange.
clavos de tejas- rhum agricole, drambuie, mezcal,xocolatl mole bitters,orange twist.

true classics. $12
martini- plymouth gin,dolin dry vermouth,orange bitters,lemon twist.
straights sling- gin,kirschwasser,benedictine,
lemon,angostura,orange bitters,seltzer.
have a heart cocktail- gin,swedish punsch,fresh lime,house grenadine.
sloe gin fizz*- gin,sloe gin,fresh lemon,simple syrup,egg white,seltzer.
negroni- plymouth gin,campari,punt e mes vermouth, orange zest.
daquiri- white rum,fresh lime,super-fine sugar.
east india cocktail- cognac,curacao,pineapple juice,dark rum float, orange bitters.
navy grog- rum,rum,rum,lime,grapefruit,honey syrup,allspice dram,crushed ice.
mint julep- bourbon,simple syrup,fresh mint, hand-hammered ice.
manhattan- willet 4yr rye,antica vermouth, angostura bitters,cherry garnish.
old fashioned- choice of select spirit,sugar cube,angostura bitters,orange oils.
sazerac- cognac or rye, sugar cube,peychauds bitters,herbsaint rinse,lemon oils.
old pal- rye whiskey,campari,dolin dry vermouth,cloves,flamed orange zest

friends of the cowboy. $12
del rio- blanco tequila,manzanilla sherry,st. germain, orange bitters,grapefruit zest.
Josh Harris, The Bon Vivants, SF
golden gate swizzle- fernet branca,orgeat,fresh lemon,velvet falernum,angostura,orange bitters.
Matt Tanner, Anvil Bar & Refuge, HOU
margot tanenbaum- bourbon,honey syrup,lemon,zucca.
Frank Cisneros, Bourgeois Pig, BK
the getaway- blackstrap rum,lemon,cynar,simple syrup.
Derek Brown, Columbia Room, DC
fist full of dollars- rye whiskey,amaro abano, simple, aromatic bitters,mezcal rinse,orange flower water.
Tim Lacey, Ada St., CHI
wine + large format beer
Due to the limited storage opportunities at the Midnight Cowboy, we have opted to keep our wine and beer selections fairly minimal. In order to keep things interesting, we are frequently changing our options. We offer a rotating selection of sparkling, white, and red wine by the glass or bottle. As well as a unique selection of large format, craft beers.
Don’t hesitate to ask your bartender about our current selections and prices.

Midnight Cowboy
313 E. 6th St. Austin, TX

Below is a press release about the bar. 

Alamo Drafthouse is proud to announce the opening of a new Alamo-owned cocktail lounge, Midnight Cowboy. Amidst the hustle and bustle of East Sixth Street in downtown Austin, an oasis of civility and conviviality arrives on March 9th. For over thirty years, Midnight Cowboy Oriental Modeling operated as a brothel in plain sight. Now, that formerly nefarious spot has been transformed into Austin’s premier cocktail destination. Under a red light, through an unmarked door, come find a 48 seat, reservation-based cocktail lounge, featuring drinks designed by Alamo Drafthouse Beverage Director Bill Norris and Midnight Cowboy manager Brian Dressel (formerly of FINO, East Side Showroom and Bar Congress) and a luxurious interior design by Joel Mozersky.

Midnight Cowboy can accommodate groups of up to eight people, and Mozersky has transformed three former “massage” rooms into private tables for groups of six to eight people, with booths for smaller parties in the front room.

Cocktails will be prepared tableside by highly-experienced bartenders, feature hand cut ice, premium spirits and freshly squeezed juice from an innovative and rotating menu of original cocktails, obscure classics, and modern favorites from our bartender friends in other cities.

Reservations can be made at beginning on Tuesday, March 6th at Noon CST. When a reservation is made, guests will be provided with the procedure for entry through Midnight Cowboy’s unmarked door and welcomed into Austin’s first true luxury cocktail experience.

Midnight Cowboy House Rules
Midnight Cowboy is a relaxing oasis in the midst of the Sixth Street liveliness. To ensure this atmosphere, we don’t allow smoking, guns, cell phone calls, laptops, games, or rowdiness. If you must smoke or make a call, please do so on the rear patio. Please keep your conversations at a reasonable level, and enjoy fine cocktails and the finer company of your companions.

While our cocktails might loosen inhibitions and the buildings past might encourage licentiousness, we ask that you refrain from public displays of affection and unwelcome advances towards members of other parties.

Tables at Midnight Cowboy are available for Reservation. Reservations are for two hours and no parties larger than 8 can be accommodated. All reasonable (and legal) services will be considered by your bartenders and hosts.


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