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Summer Whisky Cocktails in Whisky Advocate Magazine


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Cheers, Camper!

Blair Frodelius

My wife and I have preferred this version for many years now. The gin cuts the sweetness of the cola in just the right way.

Paul D

I tried this per the recipe exactly and felt like it fell a little flat. For some reason it just doesn't seem to pop like the original recipe. I'm using Ron Matusalem Platino and Bellringer London Dry, with fresh lime.

The updated recipe actually was better when I stirred it in place of shaking, as the flavors were slightly more pronounced.

Camper English

I used to have a friend from Spain who drank gin and Coke and while that's kinda gross, the splash of gin in this drink reminds me of that one so I have fond memories of it.

But generally speaking I'm not a fan of anything-and-Coke so to me this comes as a vast improvement.

Paul D

Agreed! :)

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