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Another Way to Make Clear Ice at Home

I am honored to have as Alcademics readers people who are just as huge cocktail nerds as I am. Many take on projects that I run out of time to do, pass along better information to me, or fill me in on the science I'm missing.

Kevin Liu, who has recently started the blog Craft Cocktails at Home and also blogs at ScienceFare.org, tested a method of making clear ice that another reader left in blog comments. 

In this post, he discusses the science of clear ice and two methods to make it at home.

  1. The Igloo Cooler method, pioneered here on Alcademics. (An index of all of the ice experiments on Alcademics can be found here.)
  2. The High-Temperature Freezing method, in which you let water freeze into ice at just below the freezing temperature. It's also simple, and depending on your freezer may not take up as much space.

Read the post for more info.