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Blue Cocktails on

I attended an awesome seminar on blue drinks at Tales of the Cocktail this weekend, lead by Sebastian Reaburn, Jacob Briars, and Phil Duff. 

Then I wrote a piece about it for, the website of Details magazine. It's my first story for the website. 

Details Blue Cocktails Story

I learned a lot more in the seminar than is in the story, which is more of a trend piece.

Fun facts:

  • Phil Duff worked at the same bar Tom Cruise trained at to prepare for the movie Cocktail (not at the same time)
  • The first known blue drink was a non-alcoholic soda called Soyer's Nectar, from 1851. It was created by Alexis Soyer, the first celebrity chef. 
  • Blue cocktails were futuristic. "In the 1860s people were excited about the future; now we're merely afraid," said Jacob Briars.
  • The first known blue cocktail was from 1908.
  • Modern blue cocktails may start with the Blue Hawaiian from 1957 - at the end of the classic rum-heavy tiki drinks at the beginning of the silly ones.
  • Blue cocktails are popular in countries that either never had a super serious classic cocktail phase (Asia) or in places and with people that have gotten beyond it, like New Zealand and the top cocktail bars mentioned in the story.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story on!