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Cocktail Menu: Summer Drinks at 1886 in Los Angeles

Though I haven't had the pleasure of drinking there myself, I love seeing each season's cocktail menu at 1886 at The Raymond in Los Angeles. 

I see: bottled cocktails, a rum-gin shrub drink, genever-basil collins, Battavia Arrack. 

1886 - Southern Belle Whistle
See below for the menu.

Summer Cocktail Menu 2012


Pimm’s “No. 6” with Vodka
by the 1886 family

Karlsson’s Gold Vodka and our Summer Pimm’s recipe topped with homemade sparkling lemonade. This bright spritzer rounds out our 1886 classic Pimm’s collection.

Southern Belle Whistle
by Greg Gertmenian & Pastry Chef, Jeff Haines

This hand-crafted soda pop evokes memories of hot summers in the South, with fresh yellow peaches, floral sweet black tea, and 1886 Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Sealed with bubbles in a bottle, and served with a wedge of lemon.

Summer Shrub Fizz
By Peter Lloyd Jones & Garrett McKechnie

First made to preserve fruits, classic “Shrubs” became the base for summer “Pick me ups” in colonial days. Picture yourself in the shade of a California Oak on the front lawn of the Raymond Hotel, sipping this classic fizz made with Demerara Rum, London Dry Gin and organic egg white, balanced by homemade strawberry shrub with Meyer-lemon essence.


After Hours
by Lacey Murillo & Brady Weise

This summer spiced rum swizzler with passion fruit, pineapple and a touch of bitters is topped with Hazelnut Porter and stars Rosanna Arquette and Griffin Dunne.

La Brigada
by Lacey Murillo

Inspired by Lacey’s trips with her family to La Paz, this cocktail is a sensory experience. The hot spice on the Chicharrón, Smokey Mezcal, homemade Agave Liqueur, fresh pineapple and lime served over crushed ice with a shard of frozen coconut water is as close as you can get to Baja in Pasadena.

by Garrett McKechnie

A tropical delight that will knock you on your ass! This cocktail disguises Over-proof Rum and Batavia Arrack with coconut and pineapple. Happy Summer! Drink the pain away.

Strawberry Paleta
by Garrett McKechnie

This classic Latin American frozen summer treat is for adults only. Using -300 *F Liquid Nitrogen, the first of our rotating summer paleta “pop shots” is made with fresh California strawberries, cream and a healthy dose of rum!


Kai Lani
By Brian Miller & Garrett McKechnie

Conceived by Brain Miller of NYC, this boozy Tiki cocktail plays Aged Rum and Over-proof Jamaican Rum against Peach Liqueur and fresh lemon juice. 1886 puts it’s own twist on this amazing cocktail with Garrett’s Spice Mix #1!

By Marcos Tello

The Bols Genever Basil Collins or BBC is a refreshing summer sipper created by none other than the Godfather of 1886, Marcos Tello.

by Brady Weise

Brady pulls away from beer cocktails this summer and gives us this beautiful, elegant refresher made with homemade Hibiscus Liqueur, Benedictine, fresh Lime Juice and Reposado Tequila, topped with Fever Tree’s lite tonic water. Don’t dissect the name… it’s just a pink cocktail.


By Eder Campos

There are many reasons why 1886 is a great place, and Eder Campos is a part of all of them. His first cocktail is sure to be an 1886 classic with Reposado Tequila, Italian Vermouth, Crème De Cacao and a hit of Mexican Mole Bitters.

Dutch Kills
By Dave Kupchinsky

Eveleigh on the Sunset Strip is far away from Pasadena, but we think of Dave Kupchinsky as family. Bols Barrel Aged Genever, Italian Vermouth, Bitters and a delicate dash of Apricot Liqueur was a perfect addition to our Stirred Summer offerings. Thank you Dave!

Vintage Caprice Sell Out

Barrel aged in a bourbon cask for one year, this is the last of our Vintage Caprice made with London Dry Gin, Dry Vermouth, Benedictine, Orange Bitters, and a lot of Patience. Only a few servings left!



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Very cool tiny bar in Pasadena, CA


hmmm....very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

Rose {Cake Recipes from Scratch}

my no1: pimm’s 'no. 6' with vodka :)

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